Will Kanye West Demand Kim Kardashian Take A Paternity Test?

Kanye is on tour and Kim is pregnant, but only time will tell if Kanye will demand that Kim Kardashian take a paternity test. Kanye announced that his baby mama was with child at one of his recent concerts, crooning into a microphone if love for her and how excited he was to be a father. But the elephant in the room is whether Kanye will ask for the paternity test. The main problem is that while Kanye and Kim have a history together over the course of what has been many years, they have not been a single item for an extremely long time. Let’s keep in mind that Kim Kardashian was married to basketball star Kris Humphries only a short while ago, and her divorce is not yet final. The up and down nature of being together and being apart may lead to some distrust in Kanye and Kim’s relationship. If Kanye asks for a paternity test, he is going to have to put it in strict legal and professional terms. Celebrities have a knack for doing these things. Even the most in-love celebrity couples are the first to agree to pre-nuptial agreements, and sometime similar may be going on with Kanye and Kim. Kim is going to need to think about what she is willing to accept. Does she want to be with someone who does not even trust her to tell him the truth about with whom she has been intimate? Here are few other things this hot celebrity couple is going to have to consider:

What is Love?

What does it really mean to love someone? This is something Kayne has to ask himself. He really loves Kim and wants to build a family with her, then should it matter if the baby Kim is carrying turns out to be another man’s? If Kayne really loves Kim, then he should commit to raising the child and supporting Kim and the child throughout life. It would be even greater if the couple committed to be monogamous forever or at least made the commitment to marriage. What they decide now is going to affect their child in the future.

Getting Real

For their relationship to survive, Kim and Kanye have to get real with each other and quickly. They need to be honest with each other. They should be able to reveal to each other their past sexual partners, especially in this case, when they are about to become parents together. The only way forward is honesty. Any lies are going to make it harder for Kim and Kayne to truly love each other and to trust each other. If they can be honest, then paternity tests and any other tests really are unneeded. This is really critical to the health and future of their relationship, so hopefully they will sit down and talk about their pasts so that they can move forward together as parents.

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