Windows 7 Security Viruses and Spyware How To Keep Your Computer Safe And Secure By Following The Easy Steps

Windows 7 security is very much notable for all the users who are using the windows 7 operating system. Thus, there are several ways to be followed to enhance the security of the  Windows 7 operating system and to secure all the data which the computer possess.

Wear Out The Viruses
There are numerous numbers of threats for affecting both the windows operating system and the files which reside in them. The first threat to the operating systems is the viruses. These viruses can be used for any of the harming purposes of the computer. Thus it would be very vital for a user to install antivirus software. There are enormous numbers of antivirus applications to safeguard your operating system. The viruses have several different types of transfer mode.

They can be transferred via, network and even the storage devices like the pen drives. And so it is a must to install the antivirus software that monitors all the inflow and the outflow of data regularly. There are varieties free antivirus software to monitor all the actions that are taking place in the operating system.

Shoot Out the Spies of your Windows 7 Computer
The next malware other than the viruses are the spyware. These are the applications that self install or the software that is being installed to steal any of your confidential credentials. Thus the execution of such spyware may drag you down to very hazardous situations. There is antimalware and antispyware software to clean up all such applications that survive as a threat to your computer.

Protection on Iinternet
Apart from the local storage security the threat is more vulnerable to the computers which are connected to the internet. In such case, these computers need extra protection other that the ordinary antivirus software. The windows operating system itself possesses the firewall software. This software has greater utility for protecting the unwanted transaction of packets in and outside the computer.

This software blocks the packets that are irrelevant to the list which has been approved by the user. Only the applications that have been approved will be allowed to have the communication with the internet on using the firewall. Thus the firewall plays a major role in ensuring the safety of the computer.

Apart from the windows firewall there are also other software applications that provide the firewall security to protect your computer. Lastly, the regular scan must be carried out periodically on each computer. This ensures the user to have a safe and the secure computing. Running a boot time scan is also very essential periodically as each and every file would be scanned right before the initiation of the operating system so that it would be very effective to pick out the infected files and to repair them.

Get the Knowledge of the Changes
The notifications are the other essential component that is being embedded in the operating system you can increase the level of notification so that, the operating system will prompt for your approval on all the actions that are being done.

Thus it would be very useful for you to stop any of the execution that would be taking place in the computer.

Tom  Zaffir is a network security consultant and author of articles related to network and PC security. He also  assists in CISSP, CEH Security courses.

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