Windows Apps For Easily Ripping DVDs

For years ripping of DVDs are common practice and many assume it to be a completely solved problem. Well, this is not true. A simple Google search will show various options either free or paid, but all are not trustworthy as the software may not work smoothly or may install adware in the system. Below are few most trusted and popular Windows apps for ripping DVDs easily and quickly:

Freemake Video Converter
This software is very new with friendly user interface and easy to understand compared to other free video conversion suites. Apart from ripping of DVDs, the Freemake also has multipurpose utility. Well, there is small downside too with it. While installing some extensions and DIVX software it usually asks for permission but not for installing a Chrome extension by default. Though it is not a malware but it may be annoying if something is attempting installation without seeking user permission.

Based on DVD Decrypter, the ImgBurn software defeats DVD encryption, which as an aftermath has resulted in legal issues. Anyways, it can still be downloaded from unofficial websites. The development of the project has been paused after the legal calamities since 2005.

Claims are made by ImgBurn that it does not decrypt DVDs but it is seen the app is able to handle most of the DVDs. To be very precise, it is not a converter but a disk imaging program that has ripping capability. The DVDs are saved as .ISO image files, which can be viewed with VLC player and other such free media players.

This is one of the most popular free video converters. It is quick as well as comprehensive. More to all these, it does not even tries installing third-party software either by taking permission or without it. Well, there is one drawback to it. Its user interface is a bit difficult. Moreover, destination need to be selected where the files will be saved as it is not done automatically. You may also like.. best audio editing software

Several utility options are included in Handbrake app such as filters and cropping, which is well appreciated by power users. It also has device-specific presets helpful for Android and iOS owners to watch movie on the go on a mobile device.

Remember at last, only ripping DVDs should not be the target, but it should be quick, easy and without any security threat. For this reason one should avoid doing it from any app and make use of only trusted applications.

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