Winter Tires Versus Seasonal Tires

There are different types of tires that are convenient for specific weather conditions. It is at times hard to drive during the winter season since it is usually snowy, wet and icy therefore it needs tires which have a nice grip to travel comfortably. Thus, there are specific tires which are made specifically for the winter season and there are those which are convenient for both the winter and summer. It is best preferred to buy a seasonal tire so you do not have to keep buying a new tire after weather change.


Winter Tires

There are specific winter tires, which are comfortable to drive in the cold season on wet and icy roads due to their advanced treads which enhance their grip. Winter tires are very comfortable to drive through winter seasons since they provide the driver with a sense of confidence brought by the tires and also are easy to control, especially if you are driving on wet or icy roads. They also boost the breaking of a car in the snowy conditions which are very slippery and hard to break a car. The winter tires usually have a symbol on the severe snow conditions on the side that indicates that the tires are conducive to the snowy and wet areas according to the RMA. They are usually advised for all winter conditions since their treads are designed for the purpose of such conditions. Winter tires are expected to have the following qualities:

  • The tires have an aggressive tread that usually prevents the snow from building up during the winter season.
  • The tires have treads that usually have biting edges so that it becomes easy to drive in the wet, slide and snowy roads.
  • The tires have rubber treads, which help the tires to maintain its flexibility even during the cold season or at low temperatures so that it becomes easy to control the vehicle.
  • The tires are made of special treads which are soft during the cold season enhancing its grip and make the car steadier in the cold season, too.

All-season Tires

The all-season tires are convenient for both the wet and dry season so you do not have to worry about changing your car tires every other time. They are usually so comfortable to drive with and are quiet. They are easy to handle in all weather conditions and their treads are designed in a way that they do not tear easily in any either dry or wet weather conditions. The lifespan of the treads in all-season tires is longer compared to tires designed for a specific weather condition hence are more convenient to buy compared to the other tires.

  • The tires have treads that have a low rolling resistance which may help to save a lot of energy used to break or accelerate a car mileage which will help the car to go for long distances.
  • The tires have shave asymmetric treads that help the car to have a nice dry and wet drip.

Why should Winter Tires be used during Winter Only?

  • Winter tires are made of deep treads which have a greater grip on the snowy and wet roads hence not convenient for the dry roads.
  • The treads on the winter tires are usually soft to enhance its grip but if driven on a dry or warm road they could wear out easily due to the friction hence forcing you to replace the tires frequently.
  • The soft rubber on the winter tires is not advised on dry pavements since it becomes difficult to handle the car hence a reduced performance of the vehicle.

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