With The Most Advanced Electronic Devices Ever Created, Are Our Lives Advancing Too?

Electronics are a fundamental part of everyday life, and we rely on them for everything, from giving us directions to curling our hair, keeping us entertained to keeping us in touch with our loved ones, and from making our chores easier to keeping us safe.

Whilst many people believe that electronics are taking over our lives, it’s important that we realise the potential for good that comes from these advances in technology. We don’t have to worry about getting lost in strange places because we can check our phones for maps. We don’t have to worry about missing our trains or buses because we can check the timetables wherever we are. Every new advance in technology can make our lives that little bit easier, so it makes sense that new electronic devices are being created all the time.

Electronics are so useful these days because of the demands of our daily life. Many people require access to the internet for their work, or to study. When researching a topic to meet a deadline, most students do not have the time to visit their local library and find relevant information in books, because nowadays they are busy working on multiple assignments at once. Furthermore, most people’s jobs are too far away from their homes for them to walk to. This means many people do not have the time to sit down with their family to eat a cooked breakfast like they did a few decades ago, because they need to beat traffic, or catch their train or bus. Even simple electronic devices such as smoothie makers and microwaves help to speed up people’s lives.

One of the main differences that electronics have made to our lives is the way we communicate. Whilst a few years ago you might have had to pay a huge phone bill to call a loved one in a different country, now you can talk to as many different people as you want wherever they are in the world over the internet using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Traditional phone calls are being replaced with text messages, emails and even video calls.

Whilst most electronic devices are based around the need for us to live faster and busier lives, some are purely there for the purpose of amusement and entertainment. Just a few years ago, we were limited to just a few TV channels, a set TV schedule, and any movies we wanted to watch would be on VCR and would turn fuzzy after being played too many times. Nowadays, we can flick through hundreds of channels, record, pause and rewind live TV, and watch programmes whenever we feel like it. We can watch shows and movies in high definition, and even in 3D. When we play video games, we’re no longer using hand held controllers, but our own bodies. We’re being sucked further and further into the world of technology every day, and as the two worlds get closer, every part of everyday life is advancing.

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