Women Encouraged To Enter Construction Industry

Renewed efforts are being made to address the gender imbalance in the construction industry and encourage more women to train for jobs which are traditionally occupied by men.

Regional and national campaigns are being orchestrated at the moment, including in Nottinghamshire where the council is keen to ensure that young women are shown the advantages of being able to work in construction. Currently, only two per cent of positions in this sector in the county are held by females.

Women Encouraged To Enter Construction Industry

Trade fairs and events in Nottinghamshire and elsewhere in the UK have been held in recent weeks, illustrating the trades into which women might enter.

Campaigners and councils alike are keen to see more female electricians, plumbers and plasterers appear over the next few years. And there is certainly a historical precedent for this, with women who worked to build bridges during the Second World War recently receiving national recognition.

Level Playing Field

The push to get more women into roles in the construction industry is not just about encouraging them to take up skilled positions in the labour market, but also to expand their horizons and occupy managerial roles on the business side of this industry.

Women are gaining increased representation in the upper echelons of other industries, but more needs to be done to redress the balance in construction, according to campaigners.

Practical Considerations

This is not just about equality; it is also about the practical benefits of having more people entering the job market to fill roles at a time of significant expansion for the construction industry.

Over the next half decade analysts anticipate that almost a quarter of a million new roles will emerge, and being able to fill them with qualified men and women will help to forge a strong new generation to support the construction industry into the future.

There are construction companies of all types which may be able to benefit from improved training opportunities for youngsters of both genders, including firms such as Mainpoint, which offers the installation of Automist systems and other fire safety solutions.

Hopefully, support for this action will spread, and the UK’s economy can be strengthened due to the initiatives that are established and extended as a result of the modernisation of the market in the future.

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