Working Out On The Web: Five Websites To Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals

The Internet has the capacity to bring people together across time and space. It enables quick and easy shopping pursuits, provides us with social outlets, and can even help manage our finances. But what if we could also analyse the effectiveness of a hard work at boot camp or the gym each week? What if all of your health and lifestyle needs could be neatly addressed with the click of a button?

This is now possible with fantastic websites that can help you to lose weight and keep healthy over the summer – and the best bit is, it’s all free. Document, plan, set goals and reward yourself with these five fabulous websites…


Take advantage of the power of planning with FitDay – a revolutionary internet journal which monitors your weight loss goals by keeping tabs on your incidental, and intentional, day-to-day physical activity. Whether it’s allowing you to log how you will achieve your ideal weight, or better yet, how you can regulate your food consumption by analysing nutrition within meals, you can comprehensively plan all your health and lifestyle endeavours.


Lance Amstrong may have found himself in trouble in 2012, but the partner initiatives stemming from his foundation are helping the community at large with lifestyle choices. The LiveStrong health and fitness website provides videos, blog posts and articles about fantastic and fun exercise routines and healthy eating options, while there are plenty motivating quotes and recommendations from reputable health professionals.


Better medicine has reliable articles pertaining to not only weight loss and exercise, but how to dodge nasty health ailments you might be susceptible to such as diabetes or high cholesterol. This is a great website to use in conjunction with ones that direct you to appropriate physical activities as it can achieve a holistic approach to your health and happiness.


SparkPeople actually provides you with a free diet plan on sign up – free! It also provides an app for your phone which means you can bring this personalised diet and your fitness plans with you wherever you go – super handy for the gym! What’s better than this, however, is the vibrant community on SparkPeople; with people from all walks of life sharing in a common goal, SparkPeople is a great community to discuss healthy lifestyles and talk about your progress and any setbacks you encounter.

Personal Trainer Blogs
Don’t underestimate the value of clicking into a great blog from a personal trainer or health professional. For the best of the best, Keller Turner Fitness is an exceptional example, with a comprehensive summary of dynamic gym and exercise plans to keep you interested in physical activity; however, there are a multitude of others available on the internet that will help you reach your health and fitness goals with ease.

Linda Campbell is a writer who is currently studying with to become a personal trainer. Once she does, she hopes to have her own blog with wellness tips for everyone.

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