Working With An Event Photographer

The Event Photographer

You often see him taking pictures during weddings, in rallies, on major sporting events, even in yearly Christmas festivities.  Whenever there is a gathering of people or whenever there is an important occasion or happening that ensues, the event photographer is there to document it.  He is there to capture all the pertinent action and emotions that might be found during that event to suit the demands or requirements of his clients who had sent him there on the first place.  Many event photographers had built successful and profitable careers out of this field of work; some had even gone on to become popular in their own right.

Types of Event Photography


The services of an event photographer are often sought-after by businesses and companies who would like to document and publicize their corporate events and gatherings.  This may include periodic conferences, birthday parties, corporate promotions and meetings, and dinner galas that are held for retiring employees.  A professional photography specialist at events would know how to wend his way around crowds and audiences, and pick out the best places and angles on which to take his shots.  The product of his efforts will then be used for boosting worker and group morale within the corporate organization, or as advertising to potential clients.

Personal Events

Other event photography professionals specialize in covering family gatherings and church ceremonies, such as weddings and baptismals.  Unlike in company events, the photographs that are produced from these events are often not publicized but are kept as simple mementoes of the affair by those who attended it.  They often require the event photography specialist’s mastery of artistic detail and planning, and they offer a good way for the photographer to do business in his own locality.


An event photographer can also choose to document sports and gaming events, where there is both a greater demand for his photographic skills and greater potential for landing a big shot.  He often works for the sport or game organizer, who wants to have the event recorded and marketed for promotional aims.  A photographer who specializes in sporting and game events should be well-versed in the sport or game that he is covering and that he must be alert all the time, the better for him to catch that one-of-a-kind shot in the often fast-paced action that happens during the event.  He should cover all relevant parts of the game, from the opening sequence to the winning goal, the agony of the losing side to the eventual toning down of emotions at the close of a game.  This type of event photography also calls for some knowledge of taking portrait shots especially for the winning and leading sides of the game.

The working relationship

Most event photographers are permitted some artistic leeway in their work but are required to stick to predetermined motifs or emotions.  Covering sporting and gaming events requires them to thread a fine line between formalized pictures and straightforward shots, so you will usually see a wide variety of  photographs from different areas of their catalog.  Event photographers will also utilize their catalog by posting it in your website, the better to attract potential clients.

There are some things to consider about how much event photographers charge for their work.  Some event photographers can elect to provide all-in packages that offer a given number of prints, work hours, and film for their customers.  Others choose to charge depending on how much work they did and how many pictures they actually took for their clients during the event.  Pricing levels often vary and they are usually decided upon the experience and skills of the event photographer himself as well as other important factors like the cameras and photographic equipment that he used and the amount of work that he actually did.  The longer the photographer is in the business, the higher the outlay that he can charge for his services; however, he can lower his fees for continuous or loyal customers who are evidently satisfied with his work.

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