Writing A Witty Ditty For An Easter Greeting

What are some of the best ways of making your Easter eCards more humorous? Designing messages for eCards typically means trying to find the right balance between something that’s going to jump out at people, and a witty message that can touch on their own sense of humour without being too offensive. In this way, it’s worth keeping things simple, knowing your audience, and using images wisely for comic effect. These tips, and more, to make your own witty ditty for an Easter eCard, can be found below:

Keep It Simple

A good joke doesn’t have to be elaborate, and especially when contained in an eCard – you can stick to simple one or two line jokes that will have an instant impact Some ideas include ‘How can you find the Easter Bunny?’ ‘Eggs marks the spot’ or ‘why was the Easter bunny so upset?’ ‘He was having a bad hare day!’

Know Your Audience

Your Easter eCards are going to be different if you’re writing for a younger audience, and you want to avoid adult humour unless you know that the person receiving a card has a similar sense of humour. Keep things as tasteful as possible if you’re unsure.

Use Images Wisely

It’s possible to complement witty messages with visual humour – this might involve funny captions, or using your own photographs with Photoshop edits to accompany a joke. Go through photos on eCard sites to see if you want to personalise them, or make your own.

Check Your Card a Few Times

What might seem hilarious at first on a card may not be the next few times; make sure you check the content of a card with friends, and make sure that everything is spell checked before sending it out.

Make It Topical

You can make a joke around something in the news, even if it doesn’t immediately seem to be Easter themed; making a joke that contains some reference to a funny news story from the past year can also be effective if you know the other person is in on the joke.

Include Games

One of the main advantages of eCards is that you can make them more interactive for recipients; this can be achieved through games like Slingshot Egg Toss, and by simple Flash animations that can be accompanied by a joke.

Use People’s Photographs

You can surprise people by using photographs of you together with a joke caption, or even just a full animation that comes with a joke – think of the dancing elves eCards that have been popular in recent Christmases, but with dancing bunnies or Easter Eggs.

If All Else Fails, Use Tried and Tested Jokes

If you are stuck for ideas for jokes, don’t be afraid to fall back on some cheesy but reliable short jokes; this might include: ‘what’s the best way to send a letter to the Easter Bunny?’ ‘Hare Mail!’ Obviously, the success of these jokes depends on your taste. Alternatively, try putting together a ‘Top Ten Reasons Why Easter is Great,’ or include a funny anecdote that you shared with another person from a past Easter.

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