You Don’t Have To Drag Your Butt! Sleep Solves Energy!

We all have our ups and downs that are just a part of life. But you don’t have to live your days in fear of the next energy drop. And I think you know what I’m talking about here. Your morning runs just fine and all of a sudden you feel like someone as sucked you dry of energy. Your concentration starts to weaken, your mood plummets, and you feel like crawling into your bed for a long winters nap!

This is what I call the “avoidable” energy lull. You are in control of this and I’m going to give you a few pointers that will help you never live in fear again. A little dramatic I know.

You’re going to understand you don’t have to go through those afternoon energy flops. And that your mood and “feel good” feeling can be present from the moment you open your eyes to this big beautiful world of ours in the morning, until the second your head hits the hay each night.

Does this sound like a pretty good plan to you?

And a very simple thing you can do to help get you’re head on straight and your energy levels up is to . . .


Did you know the average healthy adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function optimally the next day? Yes, there are “Kooky” souls that brag about getting by on 4-5 hours a night. That may be so, but I can’t imagine the stress they’re putting their mind and body under just to have the bragging rights. They may get by, but at what cost? My guess is a lot more crankiness, oodles more health issues and their time is likely to be up a whole lot sooner than someone that puts sleep as a priority!

But what do I know? LOL

Why do you think we have some many sleeping issues in our society today? Snoring, insomnia and sleep apnea are mainly a result of unhealthy lifestyles. This means they are controllable and most people don’t even care! Obese people often have trouble sleeping because they have too much extra body fat.

Even their own body is telling them that by making them snore, fooling around with their sleep-wake cycle, and in dire circumstances afflicting them with sleep apnea. This is where you body will actually stop breathing when you are sleeping 20-60 times an hour!


Not to mention the toll this kind of “non-sleeping” pattern takes on your energy levels. Some days energy is nil or next to nothing. And the scary thing is that makes perfect sense!

We need to learn to listen to your body – period.

And combining healthy eating and a daily multivitamin or energy pill with better sleeping, are going to get you feeling like a million bucks!

Your body will tell you when you’re not getting enough sleep by making you groggy, clumsy, moody, and hungrier. That’s right! If you aren’t getting the sleep you need to recharge, your hormones will move into frenzy mode. Specifically your cortisol levels will increase and this is going to make you want to eat more. And I bet you can guess where that’s taking you. Straight to “Fats-Ville” or “Down-In-The-Dumps” village. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be broken if you want to feel energized and alive.

Get your 7-9 hours of sleep at night and you will give your head, muscles, joints, tendons and all the rest, the chance to manufacture the energy you need to function optimally. It’s your choice my friend.

Sleep Delivers Energy – First Class!

Cathy Wilson is an expert on increasing energy, all natural energy, and healthy living.

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