You Fight Like A Girl!

“You fight like a girl!” Has anyone ever said that to you?  That must mean that you throw, hit, scream, and/or run like a girl. Obviously, the term is meant to be an insult; however, as a woman, we need to see it as a compliment and be proud of it.

When we are at risk and someone is in our space, meaning that they are stalking us, or trying to hurt us, then we must “fight like a girl” and do what it takes in the face of danger.

Every two and a half minutes, someone is raped or sexually assaulted in the United States. So as women we should be prepared by always being alert and using common sense. Preparing for the worst does not mean living in fear or to be paranoid about the things that may, or may not, happen to us. It means that if that day should occur, our bodies will know exactly what to do. We may not have the muscle and strength that men do, but we can do what needs to be done to handle a potentially life-threatening situation.

How to be Less Vulnerable
What are some of the ways that we can defend ourselves? One way is by learning some form of martial arts. With this newly gained knowledge, we will have the vital tools necessary to defend ourselves if the unthinkable happens. Women who train in martial arts knows that being female does not mean being weak.
Women who are taught martial arts do not become more hostile or aggressive, but instead become more self-assured. It teaches patience and how to control anger. It is also beneficial to smaller women and children who will need to know how to defend themselves as well. When it comes down to it, all women need to know how to protect themselves against an assailant.

Health & Beauty Benefits
As far as good looks and attractiveness goes, which many of us regularly concerned ourselves with, martial arts is perfect activity for staying physically fit. It is a great approach to losing weight and firming up the body. It will help in strengthening overall physique and in gaining flexibility. It helps a woman have self-confidence which in turn makes a woman feel and look more attractive, thus shattering any unattractive falsehoods. Joining a martial arts class may just lead to you having the body you’ve always wanted.

The benefits of learning the arts are too many to count. Not only does martial arts teach women to defend themselves when they need it, but martial arts helps women look great and feel emotionally stronger.

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