Your Co-Workers Are Significant To Job Satisfaction

When it comes to job satisfaction, an ironic observation can be made in that your co-workers while not essential directly for your responsibilities do play a role in how much you enjoy fulfilling that role in a significant way. The fact of the matter is you could have the most comfortable job in the world but if you had to face people you just don’t get along with every day, you would eventually resign.

Getting Along

What is scary is that you cannot choose your colleagues and you’ll only know for sure how well you get along after settling in; this makes job satisfaction in the UK or worldwide not something we can plan for or bank on. However I’ve compiled a list of endeavours you can actively do at the office to try and minimise the risk that you do not get along with your colleagues; the benefits on your job satisfaction cannot be overstated.

Stay Calm and Be Nice

You’re going to have dog days where you’ll be tempted to get hot under the collar even if you’re not predisposed to anger but throwing tantrums or fits aren’t going to score you any friends. It can be difficult but humans really are mirrors in most cases and what we send out to our fellow man is returned. Ironically no one is asking you to befriend your colleagues if you don’t want to, but you should try your very best to be friendly all the time. The most important thing to take from being nice all the time is consistency; you don’t have to be sickeningly nice but whatever level of nice you pick, keep it consistent as you strive to achieve the very definition of job satisfaction.

Join the Grapevine

Most articles advice a wide course around and away from office gossip but the reality is that the more two people gossip, the close they become. I’m not advising malicious gossip but for the sake of you motivation and job satisfaction, partake occasionally in what you can but use common sense to stay out of business that is more trouble than it’s worth. Ironically business pundits claim that a lot of very real issues that should be on the table as company meetings end up only being brought up in casual water cooler sessions.

Treats for a Treat

If all else fails in your befriending of colleagues for the sake of job satisfaction, it doesn’t take a survey to uncover that people love treats. Everyone’s favourite guy in the office is the one who brings in a dozen doughnuts on Tuesdays; they begin to expect and rely on that guy thereby making him an integral part of the office culture. If no one has filled that void in your office then you’re in luck as this is the quickest way to score some points with your colleagues and really ramp up that job satisfaction as social interactions are work are no longer a chore.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and office consultant with vast experience at executive suites San Diego, New York and various other cities in the United States; he enjoys sharing valuable career advice with the internet.

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