Your Garden, Tidier: The Expert Guide To A Garnished New Year Garden

The New Year is here! And whilst we’re all still recovering from the wildest party since Keith Richards invited a few friends over for a quiet drink, for many of us, now is the time to start considering what  the rest of 2013 is going to bring us. Will it be a concerted effort to get that promotion? Will it be a promise to finally finish that home computing course? Or will it be the start of a brand new hobby? Whatever you decide, a clear out at the start of the year is, for people up and down the country, a customary event, it’s good for the soul, feels rejuvenating and helps you concentrate on the ‘next chapter’ that comes with every new start. And a great place to start that clear out? The garden! Here then, is a handful of tips for sorting out that tip you keep out back, clearing out the old, and putting in the new!

 A Plan of Action

So, you’ve got the determination to do it, now you just need a plan. As is the case with anything, planning is vital, so take a step back (you might need a ladder, depending on just how messy your garden already is) and survey your land. Firstly, consider all the equipment you’ll need. You’ll likely require a lawn mower, perhaps a hedge trimmer and certainly a pair of thick gardening gloves. Try and imagine a space for everything, and consider your garden’s vital components. Once you’ve assembled all the bits you need, and know roughly what you’ll be keep, and what’ll be sailing binward you’re ready to get going.

The key when you’re starting out is to take each segment of your garden at a time, perhaps go left to right, and cordon off an individual section to work on in your mind. Essentially, doing it this way will keep you going. The problem we have with clear-outs, especially attempts at large scale excavations, is that we start doing little bits here and little bits there, and then after many hours of hard work, cannot see the results. Concentrating on one small area and making it great before moving on will almost certainly provide results that push you to keep going.

 The Discard Pile

You’re going to need a ‘dump pile’ if you’re going to be getting rid of lots of large objects, plants and even trees. Designate a place for all the tip-bound items and stick to it, this way you will feel less inclined to start tidying up the other discarded materials half way through. Remember to thoroughly catch any weeds, right at their root,

Once you have meticulously worked your way up and down your garden clearing everything out and leaving only the bare essentials, you can finally start thinking about how you want your garden to look. It’s best to leave this until you can take a thorough, objective look at your actual, physical space, as opposed to trying to guess pre-clear out.

 The Feature Faucet

You can then decide where you want your features – tables and chairs, for example, flowers and plantlife –  could you extend the beds, shape them curvaceously and really turn your garden into a beautiful paradise for you to enjoy in 2013? Motivated from the clear out, who knows what you could do.

Plant appropriate seasonal plants, consider a footpath through your garden, or, if you’ve already got one, why not adorn it with solar powered lighting, for an evening/night time ambience. Decking is also a modern, great looking garden living space solution, and should you decide to go with it, remember to work out where the sun will be in the Summer evenings, as that is exactly where you’ll want to be sat. Closer to our current time of year, trees make beautiful, striking visual additions to the garden during winter, the thick shadowy branches edged by an inch of snow and stark against the cold colours of a January sky. Be careful though, as tree maintenance can be awkward and expensive should they grow too wildly.

Again, making these changes is likely to cause a considerable amount of mess, if only from loose soil, dead plants and bits of discarded wood. Nevertheless, keep to your ‘discard’ pile and stay on top of the cleaning – all that hard work will pay off in no time and your new garden will look beautiful in the frosty winter and be a great place to spend time come the summer!

This article was written by Rob Vicars on behalf of AMA Skip Hire. If you’re having a New Year clear out, make sure you’re well equipped to go in heavy handed, and dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly manner!

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