Your Options For The Fine Office Space: How It Happened

Ready with the third appointment of our Legal-mind column, legal advice not to be forgotten?After having dealt with the theme of the new Guide for Innovative Startup and the first part about crowdfunding,

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We have reached you to try to deepen another theme of which we are not only talking a lot in our country but which is becoming an increasingly entrenched reality: Coworking. What exactly is it? I am pleased to be with you again and to take this opportunity to explore this interesting topic. Coworking, whose literal meaning is “to work together “, is a new professional reality that involves the sharing of a work environment within an equipped and organized structure, by freelance subjects who maintain an independent activity. With office space with shared desks this is very important.

The Set Up

Coworking is often set up by a so-called coworking community, where the same objectives and/or similar work management methods are shared, therefore the main assumption, as well as the achievement of profit in itself, is represented by the fabric of working relationships set in place by those who make use of the structure, sharing values ??and interests for the synergies that can be developed in the same environment.

  • There are therefore various forms of coworking, “vertical” (in which every company or professional present operates in the same sectors), and “horizontal“(in which can be found in the same space subjects that perform completely different jobs). Coworking is, therefore, a physical and also ideal space, a working platform, which at the same time becomes a real laboratory, within which projects, ideas, and strategies find space and are aimed at optimizing the working dynamics aimed at achieving of the objectives set.

And in Australia?

How and when was Coworking born? Born in the USA in 2005, on the initiative of some programmer’s freelancers, coworking sees in Italy in 2008 the first diffusion, to then consolidate, first in the large metropolitan areas (Rome and Milan) and gradually taking root throughout the country. Inevitably the coworking has been able to be regulated at the legal-regulatory level, and therefore the coworking activity must be combined with certain parameters and requirements such as: compliance with safety regulations in the workplace, Law No. 81/2008; guarantee environments with suitable use (office use); the option of a theft and accident insurance policy; presence of a contract for the use of workstations (prohibition of registered offices, privacy regulations, prohibition of illegal activities, commitment not to browse illegal sites, assuming responsibility for any damage, respecting the privacy of others).

What development did you have then? Right from the beginning of 2013, in the wake of Law 221/2012, implementing the Startup Innovative, there was an acceleration in Italy of coworking environments, closely related to the reality of the start-up, so much so that also many Startup Incubators continue to provide environments specifically set up for coworking activities.

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