Your Trendy Indoor Herb Garden: Mixing Spices and Interior Design

Ever since growing your own herbs become somewhat of a gardening trend of 2012, you don’t have to be an eco fanatic or a grandmother to wish for your own little herb garden. However, if you’re wary about cramming the windowsills of your ultra-modern kitchen with pots of soil and sprouting herbage obstructing the beautiful view outside your window, here are five original ways to make your herb garden a stylish interior design element.

Hang it
Even if there’s not enough space for your own hanging gardens of Babylon in your kitchen, you can still go a little Nebuchadnezzar by hanging your herb garden from the ceiling (after making sure it can hold it). And, hear now, it’s doesn’t necessarily come in pots (in case you’ve started to worry it would look too much like your grandma’s kitchen) – so why not go for something more customizable like a wooden box that you can then re-paint or decorate to match your interior. Using chains or steel wire rope for hanging would certainly add to the modern minimalist look, common in most houses.

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Sink it
No, it has nothing to do with over-watering your plants. What I’m suggesting here is planting them in a sink basin (preferably one you don’t use) adding a quirky and unusual decoration to your house. Here’s a fun fact for you – it’s exactly what European immigrants did with their kitchen bathtubs after moving to New York in early 20th century finding baths too much of a luxury for them.

Nail it
Many people seem to have figured these days that perfectly good wooden slats can be made out of industrial pallets, paying a miniature price for them (if not acquiring them for free) and, continuing the march of triumph, they’re now entering our living space as rather innovative and original solutions for indoor gardens. Not sure how it works? First, you’d need to get rid of some of the boards from the top deckboard and then close the space in between the top and bottom deckboards. Finally, stack it against the wall with the shorter end touching the floor and start planting!

Relish it
Who said your spice rack must be all about dried herbs? Create your own live herbs rack or even wall board, keeping them neat and organised in Mason jars (lids off, of course). Don’t forget to label them to recreate that spice rack look, either by putting them straight on the jar or the wooden carcass and keep them at hand for your gastronomic endeavours.

Organize it
Yet another space-conscious and modern solution for your indoor herb garden is by keeping it in a hanging pocket shoe organizer. Test its drainage first as, naturally, it will have to be water-resistant and also make sure to place at least a board between the pockets to keep the base of them off the wall; otherwise you’ll get mould and mildew growing. One of the main advantages of this construction is that you can easily vary the number of pockets you’re using and it doesn’t take up much space even when not in use.

Now that you’ve learned that keeping your own indoor herb garden isn’t half as messy or complicated as it may seem, maybe a visit an online garden centre  and start shopping for those seeds?

What are you growing in your herb garden this winter?!

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Estelle Page is a self-employed interior designer who roots for original interior solutions – the greener, the better! Being also a mom of two, she’s already getting ready for the holiday season’s cooking madness and, going through her spice racks, she blogs for Capital Gardens.

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