You’re Getting Married: Why You Need Life Insurance

Congratulations. You’re getting married. So while you plan your big day, from your gown to your dinner to your honeymoon, why not think about something that will last longer than one day? That is to get life insurance coverage for you and your spouse.

You may think that you are young and you are going to live a long time. Wrong. Life insurance isn’t just for middle-aged people or senior citizens. It is for younger people, too. Keep in mind that if you are young, you may not have acquired much savings in life, and might have just started in acquiring things, like buying a home. You may have mortgage payments, student loans, and credit card debt that makes it hard for you to save much money.

An early death could be traumatic in many ways

And what would happen if you were to pass away? How would your spouse be able to handle your life financially? What money would pay for your funeral and burial? Imagine if your husband or wife would have to pass the hat and ask for collections in your obituary in order to bury you. How terrible would that be? Your spouse would be traumatized enough at losing you; imagine if he or she had to deal with a potential financial mess if you were to pass away?

What if you were your husband or wife that were to pass away? You would have to deal with emotional trauma, as well and a potential financial disaster. And if the two of you had a child, or a child on the way, your family could face even more of a financial issue, especially if you were to both pass away.

Life insurance can help make tragedies a little more bearable

Here’s what a life insurance policy on you and your husband or wife could do for you and your spouse. It can potentially cover you if one or both of you were to pass away. A life insurance policy could take care of expenses like a funeral, burial, paying off debts, and taking care of future bills.

What’s more, life insurance can be more affordable than you might think, especially if you get a term life insurance policy. In addition, you can get life insurance coverage that can cover you in your golden years when you are young, for potentially much less than it would cost to buy it many years from now.

So why not get life insurance coverage for you and your spouse? There’s no time like the present to do so.

Lisa Swan writes for life insurance sites like Everyday Life Insurance.

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